Inpatient Care

What to bring

You will need to bring only a few items such as bathrobe, slippers, pajamas (if you want to wear your own), toothbrush, toothpaste and other toiletries. A small amount of cash for newspapers, postage stamps, and other miscellaneous items will be sufficient for your hospital stay. Please do not bring valuables or large amounts of money as Mayo Hospital is not responsible for any personal belongings or money left in your room.

For the safety of our patients, please do not bring any electrical appliances, such as DVD players, to the hospital. Battery-operated appliances are allowed. Laptop computers are permitted and wireless Internet access is available throughout the hospital. We suggest that you wear loose, comfortable clothing and low-heeled shoes.

Admission for surgery

Because each patient and each operation is different, your physician has a specific program outlined for you.

You will receive special instructions about food, medication, anesthesia and other aspects of your surgery. Before surgery, you will have the opportunity to meet with your anesthesiologist who will be an integral part of your care team.

Throughout your time in surgery and recovery, your family and friends will be kept up to date on your progress through the family liaison assigned to you.