Message from the President and CEO

What is ahead for Mayo in 2018?


We are nearly three months into the New Year. And what a busy year it will be. The leadership teams and staff at Mayo Regional Hospital have much to accomplish in 2018. Below are just a few of the highlights and news of what is sure to be an exciting year.

3D Mammography:   In December, Mayo began offering 3D Mammography, which is the latest technology in breast care and provides more detailed images for earlier detection of problem areas.   We are most fortunate to be able to provide this level of care to the women and men of our region. We are grateful that we have a supportive Board of Trustees who saw the value of purchasing this new technology and understand the positive results it can deliver.

Electronic Health Records:   Also in December, Mayo entered into an agreement with Cerner Community Works of Kansas City, MO to purchase an Electronic Health Record, or EHR.  Even though we have had electronic records here for some time, our three separate systems did not talk to each other very well.  The Cerner works system will be one patient, one record, across Mayo.  That means as a patient, whether you are seen in a physician office, the emergency department, or are admitted to as an inpatient, your records will be easily accessible to all of your caregivers.

The implementation of Cerner Works is complex. We plan to go live with our new EHR in January 2019.

EMHS:  The Mayo Regional Hospital Board of Trustees have voted to enter into a new agreement with Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems (EMHS).  As I have shared many times, we have been working with EMHS for several years now, exploring the benefits to Mayo of a closer affiliation. The new agreement outlines work to be completed in 2018, including operational efficiencies, community education, and legal work to prepare for a potential integration in 2019.  For the remainder of this year, we will focus on the anticipated benefits and outcomes of joining a larger system.  Everyone wants to know how joining EMHS could affect them individually as well as the delivery of health services. While I can’t go into detail, it is our intent to retain and even expand access to as many clinical services as possible locally.  More details will be shared as they become available.  

I can tell you that we are already seeing some exciting collaborations. We are credentialing new providers from Eastern Maine Medical Center’s Cancer Care of Maine for Mayo’s Oncology program, Shannon Meredith, DPM, is offering Podiatry surgery at Mayo Regional, and beginning in March, Kyrie Sutton, MD, will be providing OB/GYN services at Northwoods in Sangerville, and in Greenville at Charles A Dean Memorial Hospital.  

As you can see, we have a very busy year ahead of us.  I will continue to keep you informed as plans progress.


Marie Vienneau BSN, FACHE