3D Tomo Mammography Project

Mayo Regional Hospital is excited to announce the arrival of 3D Tomo Mammography Coming Soon!

Gifts to the Mayo Regional Hospital Tomo 3D Mammography Project will help us save lives.

3D Tomo Mammography is a revolutionary new screening and diagnostic imaging tool that improves early detection of breast cancer, and early detection means better outcomes for our patients. For more information, please contact our Mammography Department, 207-564-4353.

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General Giving

Our General Giving fund provides support to hospital initiatives and programs.  Gifts can be made to specific projects and/or can be made In Honor Of or In Memory Of.

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Tracy Hibbard Kasprzak Cancer Treatment Center

The Tracy Hibbard Kasprzak Cancer Treatment Center was dedicated on September 23, 2017.  The center has new patient rooms designed for comfort and privacy, a new transfusion area, telemedicine capability, and private consultation rooms.

Your donation to the Cancer Center helps to provide local, convenient, private care to those in our community battling cancer. Please give today.

To make a gift: Tracy Hibbard Kasprzak Cancer Treatment Center Giving Fund


The Tracy Hibbard Kasprzak Cancer Treatment Center will be dedicated in loving memory to the life of Tracy Hibbard Kasprazak , who lived her life with kindness, generosity, good humor and grace.

Tracy was born March 8, 1962, the daughter of the late Gary M. Hibbard and Jane Hibbard Merrill. She graduated from Foxcroft Academy in the class of 1980 and went on to receive her Registered Nursing degree from Eastern Maine Community College in 1995. Tracy continued working in the Nursing field in the Bangor area until she returned to her hometown in 1998 to work alongside her mother and sister at the family owned business, the Hibbard Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Tracy was first diagnosed with colon cancer at the age of 37. She vowed at the time never to give up and to fight for a cure. She underwent chemo and radiation therapy, major surgery, along with various experimental treatments throughout the United States searching for a cure. During her 15 year battle with cancer, Tracy was sustained by her devoted husband Jamie Kasprzak and their three children, Aliza Kasprzak Gerrish, Alexander Kasprzak, and Joshua Kasprzak. During this time she realized the importance of having private and comfortable treatment near family, friends, and a supportive community.

Tracy Hibbard Kasprzak died March 25, 2014 surrounded by her loving family.

The hope of Tracy’s family, who contributed significant seed funding to build the center, is that the Cancer Treatment Center be a lasting legacy of Tracy’s life.