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Patient Resources

Looking for a Provider?

If you are looking for a new Provider for your medical care try our Find a Provider search engine!

Patient/Resident Rights and Responsibilities

Download the current policy document (PDF)

Health Information Resources:

Web MD is a resource for patient health information.

MRSA Information sheet (PDF format) from Mayo Hospital: Living With MRSA.

Pastoral Support or Social Services:

Visit the Pastoral Support Department; Or the Social Services Department

Financial & Billing Information

Online Bill Pay

As an added convenience to you our customers you have the option of paying your Mayo Regional Hospital medical bill online. To pay your bill use our On-line Bill Pay form!

The Patient Financial Services Department at Mayo Regional Hospital works with other departments within the hospital to obtain the information needed by your insurance company. This results in timely processing and/or payment of your bill.

The information on this site is designed to inform patients about their responsibility to provide Mayo with the most accurate information possible.

Contact us directly with your questions and concerns:
  • 564-4302 - Medicare and Blue Cross supplement
  • 564-4306 - Collections, self-pay and payment arrangements
  • 564-4389 - Workers comp, auto accident, VA and Prison Health Services
  • 564-4301 - Cashier, credit card payments
  • 564-4309 - Anthem Blue Cross and MaineCare
  • 564-4303 - Commercial insurances such as Aetna, Patient Advocates, United Healthcare, Tricare, Champva, etc.
Helpful things to remember when visiting the hospital:
  • Bring in your insurance card each time you come to the hospital. Every visit is a new account number and a new service.
  • If any information about you has changed, such as an address or phone, please let us know. Incorrect information leads to the delay of your claim payment.
  • Keep in mind that Mayo cannot bill two federally funded programs, such as Veterans Administration and Medicare, at the same time. The patient must choose between the two.
  • Mayo Physician Billing is responsible for the billing of services provided by Mayo Practice Associates physicians and mid-level providers employed by the hospital in doctors' offices. Their billing address is 47 Dwelley Ave, Dover-Foxcroft, ME 04426. Telephone is 564-8724.
  • Know your insurance policy. We post the payments as they come to us. If you have an issue with a deductible or co-payment, please contact your insurance carrier directly, because Mayo does not know the details of individual policies.
  • There are many reasons that your insurance company may delay processing your claim. Please keep in mind that you may not receive your co-payment/deductible billing statement for several months.
Steps of the Billing Process:
Steps of the Billing Process: Patient comes to the hospital, Charges for services are applied to account, Diagnosis supplied by the doctor is put on bill, Bill sent to insurance carrier or provider,
Billing office receives and posts payments, Balance, if applicable, sent to patient.
Commonly asked questions and their answers:
Q: Where do I go to pay my bill?
A: Our office is located in the hospital Resource Center. We are at the end of the hallway. There is a separate outside entrance near the driveway leading to Dwelley Avenue.
Q: What is a patient account?
A: A patient account is generated when a patient receives either outpatient, inpatient or emergency services in a hospital setting. the account will reflect services received and associated costs.
Q: Why do I have two bills for my x-ray services?
A: One is from the hospital and one is from the company that bills for reading the image (Spectrum Radiology).
Q: What is Medicare?
A: Medicare is a federal health insurance program for people 65 or older and certain disabled people. Medicare part A pertains to inpatient services, and part B to outpatient services.
Q: What is MaineCare (Medicaid)?
A: MaineCare has different benefit packages from full benefits to prescription drug discounts, depending on age, disability, income (and assets, in most cases). To inquire about MaineCare, contact the nearest office of the state Department of Human Services.

Financial Assistance Program

Mayo Regional Hospital is committed to treating all patients who need our care regardless of health insurance or financial status.  We offer full or partial discounts for those individuals and families who qualify.

For additional information,  please contact Patient Financial Services Manager at
207-564-4306 or via e-mail

In addition, we have provided some convenient downloads below to assist you with your application (PDF format – Adobe Reader required).

Glossary of commonly used terms
  • Claim: A bill that is sent to the insurance company.
  • Co-pay: A fixed amount that is paid directly by the patient at the time of the visit.
  • Deductible: A fixed amount of money that the patient must pay before the insurance company will begin to reimburse for services.
  • EOB (Explanation of Benefits): Statement from the insurance company explaining how benefits were applied to accounts.
  • Pre-authorization: Permission granted by insurance company for certain services to be covered. This request is made by your doctor in most cases before services are rendered. Review your policy to see if this applies to you.
  • Referral: Request for additional care, usually of specialty nature, made by your Primary Care Provider. (Example: Physical Therapy).
  • Primary Care Provider (PCP): your family doctor. Mid-level providers (Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants) are not considered PCPs for insurance purposes.

The following Web site links provide helpful information for beneficiaries and insured members. Some Web sites, such as, allow members to monitor their claims through a secured access.

E-mail a Patient:

You can send a hospital patient an e-mail by submitting the form below:

Privacy Policy

Mayo Hospital picture

Medical Authorization Release

Authorization to release private medical records Download Form. If there are any questions pleas contact Mayo's Medical Information Services at 564-4270


You can download the latest copy of Mayo Hospitals Notice of Privacy Practices in pdf format. privacy policy (pdf)

To obtain a paper copy of this notice, contact Patient Registration 564-4314. If you have any questions about this notice, please contact Nikki Chadwick, VP of Quality and Education, 564-4391.